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A Night Vigil (Náttsöngur) by Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir April 22, 2012

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Can’t Get any Hotter off the Press than this.  Premiered on April 19, 2012 in Iceland. 

Movement 1 Qui se Deo

Movement 2 Divine tactus flamine

Movement 3 Cum invocarem

Movement 4 Gloriatur

Movement 5 Nomen Dei sanctissimum

Title: Náttsöngur (A Night Vigil)
Composer: Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir
Voicing: SATB organ and Soprano
Conductor: Magnús Ragnarsson
Ensemble: Philharmonic Society Choir
Premiered at Langholt Church


A Red Red Rose by James Mulholland February 29, 2012

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This down tempo ballad is a standard in the repertoire. Very approachable by high school mixed choirs.
This is the Coronado High School Concert Choir of Henderson, NV.

from lawmom6 YouTube channel

Title: A Red, Red Rose from Four Robert Burns Ballads
Composer: James Mulholland
Voicing: SATB also available TTBB
Accompaniment: Piano
Ensemble: Coronado High School Concert Choir
Director: Eric Fleischer
Publisher: European American Music Corp. #49012599

Game Changer for Conductor/Composer Relationship February 8, 2012

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From ChoralNet
The ChoralNet Composers of Choral Music Community has gone to great lengths to create a new interface between composers and conductors. We recognize the difficulties in searching through individual composers’ websites, trudging through so many listings to find the one piece that fits your needs. We also understand that many of you have given up on performing new music, especially that which was composed by self-published composers. What we felt was needed was a filter to help you find only the best of our work.
We have created the Composition Showcase to act as that filter. Published and self-published composers have put together a little marketplace of quality works. Each composer has been limited to posting only three selections in the same voicing and a total of six pieces in all different voicings. There are age requirements and other oversight tools to help refine the repertoire choices presented.
All pieces have at least a partial PDF to peruse; most have a recording of a choir or a virtual recording and all have a streamlined method for purchasing from the composer or publisher. About 50 works have been prepared for you so far with new works being added everyday. The interface is easy to use and will save you a lot of time.
The Composition Showcase is in its beta version and ready for you to peruse and improve with your suggestions and/or critiques. Even if you are not currently looking for repertoire, please help us refine this tool that was created to serve your needs. You can join our community to start your own post in our forum, comment on the posts of others or contact Jack Senzig our community editor. Your input is essential to allow us to serve you better.
The Composition Showcase is part of an overall effort to improve the relationship between conductors and composers. This is just one of several planned steps along the way.
If you join our community, I suggest you set your Subscription email options under your My ChoralNet tab to digest. We are the most active community on ChoralNet and would not want to bombard you with an email every time someone posts or comments.

Ave Maria by Franz Biebl Sung by Concordia January 26, 2012

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The Concordia Choir from Moorhead, MN under the direction of René Clausen performed this classic of the repertoire. I feel this is too difficult for high school but send me a link to your choir’s performance and I will move it to the appropriate category.

from theconcordiachoir Youtube Channel

Title: Ave Maria (Angelus Domini)
Ensemble: The Concordia Choir
Director: René Clausen
Voicing: TTBB and TTB trio
Accompaniment: A Cappella
Publisher: Hinshaw Music #HMC1253
Also available SATB, SAATTBB and SSAA

Yale Spizzwinks Sing Lady Gaga Bad Romance January 11, 2012

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This is a lot of fun. Note the visual starting at about 3 minutes in.

from caldwellj youtube channel

Wanting Memories sung by Something Extra January 9, 2012

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If I had to pick one song to listen to for the rest of my life i think it would be this one. Sweet Honey in the Rock performed this several albums ago. This rendition is sweet and was an excellent way for the Yale’s Something Extra vocal ensemble to present their senior members.

from caldwellj YouTube Channel

Title: Wanting Memories
Composer: Ysaye M Barnmell
Voicing: SATBB
Ensemble: Something Extra, Yale
Publisher: The Musical Source MS/YMB103 http://www.ymbarnwell.com/publishedsongs.php

Niška Banja Arr. by Nick Page January 9, 2012

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Nick Page is one of the best known composers and collectors of multicultural choral music from around the world. This piece is one of those rare songs of power that are fun to sing and fun to listen to.

form TheNickpage YouTube channel

Composer: Nick Page
Ensemble: Cantala from Wellington East Girls’ College in New Zealand
Voicing: SSAA and piano. Also available SA, TB and SATB
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes #9790051465170

Lux Aeterna sung by Anúna December 7, 2011

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Michael McGlynn’s Lux Aeterna is one of those pieces that can lift ones soul to the heavens and bring tears to the eyes. The scripture this brings to my mind is “God Made Man a little lower than the angels.” This very human choir comes very close to being a choir of angels. The second companion piece to Lux Aeterna also in this video is The Road of Passage.

from loftycsl YouTube channel
Title: Lux Aeterna
Voicing: SSSSABBB and Mezzo solo a cappella
Composer: Michael McGlynn
Ensemble: Anúna
Director: Michael McGlynn
Publisher: Available at www.anuna.ie

Kids Flashmob for Veterans Day 11/11/11 November 10, 2011

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Children from Racine used their singing talents to create a video thank-you card for veterans. The 120 people gathered at Skatetown in Racine WI on Tuesday became a part of this special event. The children were singers from local K-6 school programs and a church youth choir.

The event was called “Skate for Freedom” and was collaboratively sponsored by Red Apple Elementary School, Skatetown and Our Musical Life.

This event served many purposes beyond the main point of honest admiration for the men and women of our armed forces. It was also a fundraiser for local vocal music programs and veterans groups as well as serving to disseminate information about a new community choir organization. In full disclosure, the author of this blog directed this event.

see OurMusicalLife.com for more info

The Armed Man -Jenkins November 5, 2011

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Notice the multimedia production. Various scenes of armed men and warfare are shown on screens during the performance. The piece is based on an ancient French folk song that was popularly used in motive masses in early polyphony. The use of marching feet really sets the tone. Unfortunately the video only plays the first few minutes of the performance. The Armed Man is a Mass for Peace.

From zambrojr YouTube Channel

Title: The Armed Man
Composer: Karl Jenkins
Voicing: SATB (soloists) and Orchestra
Ensemble: Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera and 4 Welsh Choirs
Conductor: Karl Jenkins
Publisher: Boosey and Hawkes

Thanks To God October 16, 2011

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Thanks To God sung by the choir of CCC Heep Woh Primary School (A.M.) Hong Kong

from 88yp88yp YouTube channel

It’s Sunday morning and the voices of children are here to brighten your day. Make a joyful noise or a beautiful well rehearsed song unto the Lord!

Joyful Joyful (And they are!) August 3, 2011

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I found this choir enjoyable for the raw joy it exudes and the choice of musical style that appealed to the performers and audience. I have not seen rap music successfully blended into the choral genre as well as this was. This video will give a couple minutes of happiness to the viewer.

There is not much information available in the description.
“The song joyful joyful performed by the Northwest Choralons at Eastside Church”

on Technogeek28 YouTube channel.

Definition of Viral Video July 18, 2011

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I have been trying to find criteria for what would universally be considered a “Viral” video and that includes view count in the definition. Wikipedia’s definition, “A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing…” Doesn’t help much. Because viral refers to the process by which a video is shared (electronic word of mouth), it does not lend itself easily to a set number. However, I feel that if a video is receiving a whole lot of views in a short time, it is clear that the viral process is taking place.

Here is a definition of “Viral Video”:

A video is considered to have gone viral if it is on track to receive 10,000 or more views in the span of 30 days.

There are levels of viral:
A video is considered mildly viral if it is on track to receive 10,000 views in 30 days.
A video is considered somewhat viral if it is on track to receive 50,000 views in 30 days.
A video is considered moderately viral if it is on track to receive 100,000 views in 30 days.
A video is considered fully viral if it is on track to receive 500,000 views in 30 days.
A video is considered epically viral if it is on track to receive 1,000,000 views in 30 days.

One can talk about a video that receives more than 10,000 views in the second 30 days as “continuing to go viral” or continuing to go fully viral if it is on track to hit 500,000 more views by the second 30 days. You can say “last March the video went epically viral, receiving 1,200,000 views.” Of course you can just say “viral” without the adverb.

I would sure like to know what criteria they use at Viral Video Charts or similar sites.

Add your two cents about this definition. I apologize if this seems presumptuous but I am doing some graduate level work on this topic and am annoyed that it hasn’t been defined in a way I can quote in my research.

Russian Children’s Choir July 9, 2011

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BDHchoir’s YouTube channel is an incredible historical record of big children’s choirs in Russia. I keep running into the videos from this channel and have enjoyed almost every one. There isn’t any information about the choir or performance given but the title translates to “The Bugle Signalers.” It was recorded in 1984.

Enjoy and comment if you know anything about the piece or the choir.

Concordia Chimes In May 20, 2011

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I got a response from Concordia Publishing House to my request for a YouTube policy. They said that they handle requests for use of their material on a case by case basis. YouTube videos of school and church performances are usually granted gratis permission but you need to ask. There are some cases where they can not waive the fee. They also said: “Any changes to our policy will be posted on our website http://www.cph.org in the Copyrights and Permission section.”

I believe this is the direct link
Does this mean you can get a license for an individual song to be posted? What kind of a license is it? How is the fee determined? I will ask them.

edit 5/23/2011 Response to the above questions was that each license request is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Fair enough.

See post about these publisher’s policies: G.I.A., Choristers Guild

Choristers Guild YouTube Policy May 16, 2011

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Great news for choir directors! The Choristers Guild, a music publisher from Dallas TX, has responded to my inquiry regarding their YouTube policy. More and more copyright holders are beginning to see the value that public display of their work can have on their bottom line. More and more we directors can feel comfortable sharing our performances with each other and the world on sites like YouTube. Here is what the Permissions and Licensing Administrator for Choristers Guild had to say:

” We see Youtube as a place for free publicity for our music. We do ask, however that information about the piece is listed either in the credits of the video or in the text box under the video. (Title, catalog number, composer, text author, publisher, copyright year, and “used by permission” – all easy information that you can find in the printed octavo.) ”

Thanks to Choristers Guild for being thoughtful and reasonable. This is a partnership between composers, publishers and performers. Directors need to do their part by educating our members about copyright, always using legal print music and citing our sources in online videos.

see a recent earlier post for G.I.A.’s YouTube Policy!

With A Lily In Your Hand Eric Whitacre May 13, 2011

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Beautiful harmonies, wonderful piece, great tuning, diction got eaten by the hall.
Another Whitacre wonderland of harmonic wizardry.

from: dofRabus YouTube channel

Title: With a Lily in Your Hand
Composer: Eric Whitacre
Director: Orla Flanagan
Website: http://www.morningtonsingers.org/
Publisher: Santa Barbara SBMP431
Voicing: SATB A cappella

O Salutaris Hostia Sung by Swiss Choir May 11, 2011

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O salutaris hostia by Lavinio Virgili

There are three videos on this channel of works by Tomas Luis de Victoria that are also very beautiful, including two just for the men. They are recorded in the Abbey of Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

from scuolacorale YouTube channel

Title: O salutaris hostia
Composer: Lavinio Virgili
Ensemble: La Scuola Corale della Cattedrale di Lugano
Director: Robert Michaels
Publisher: Casa Musicale Eco Monza

Bach’s Ershallet, Ihr Lieder as Festival Piece May 6, 2011

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This is a fine example of collaboration between high school and community choruses. This type of event can increase the audience for the community choir not only for the collaborative concert but by exposing our students and their families to the ensembles in our communities it can recruit the audiences for future events. This is a win-win scenario. Most high schools do not have the resources to hire an instrumental ensemble and we can not always count on our instrumental colleagues to create the needed specialized ensembles to perform works like these nor to give up their rehearsal time to help us out. It also leads to showing our young people the performance opportunities and ensembles that they can join as adults, not to mention increased ticket sales. Always remember to inform your high school students families of the cost of the tickets well in advance as they are usually much higher than what they are used to at our schools. You also may want to work out a special priced “Family Pass” for your student’s families, especially in economically depressed areas.

Erschallet, Ihr Lieder Ethos Consortium and Central Cabarrus High School Singers

From JakeCKrug YouTube channel

Title: Erschallet, Ihr Lieder (Chorus from larger work)
Composer: J.S.Bach
Director: Paul E. Oakley
Publisher: Baerenreiter Verlag (BA.TP1172) not sure this is the same edition
Ensemble: Ethos Consortium and the Central Cabarrus High School Singers

A Publisher’s YouTube Policy May 6, 2011

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Thank-you G.I.A. publishing! It is difficult to get a publisher to give their policy on uploads to YouTube. I posted a video of a choir that I did not direct on YouTube last December. My children sang in the choir and it was an ensemble from the school I work at. I received a possible copyright infringement notice from YouTube.

The notice says “Matched third party content.” and then gives a link that reads “View Copyright Info.” When you click on the link it takes you to a page that states: “Your video, Night Of Silence, Silent Night, may include content that is owned or administered by these entities:
Entity: Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society Content Type: Musical Composition.” I checked on what this means in several forums and it is a generic term used for agencies that administer copyrights. The page also tells you that you don’t need to do anything but that an Ad might be placed on your video. So I emailed the copyright owner, G.I.A. and they responded with three things to do. To avoid misinterpretation by me, here is exactly what they said:

“Technically, it is illegal to post copyrighted material on YouTube (or similar video uploading/sharing sites) without obtaining permission from the copyright holder or administrator. However, it is the current policy of GIA Publications, Inc. to grant gratis permission to post a YouTube video of a soloist’s or ensemble’s live performance of GIA titles, provided it is used for non-commercial purposes. We simply ask for a common courtesy: a citation either in the video or in the YouTube text field that includes the title of the piece, the name of the composer and/or author, and the copyright notice, along with the phrase “Used with permission.”
We ask that the video be removed after one year has passed since the original posting.
We also ask the additional courtesy of emailing the YouTube link to reprints@giamusic.com and include the following information for our records: title and duration of the work, name of the soloist or ensemble, and the date of the live performance. Please provide a list of all titles (both GIA’s and those of other publishers) included in the performance from which the clip is taken.
This policy is effective November 4, 2010, subject to change at any time.”

I am grateful for the courage of G.I.A. to come forward with their policy. This is just one publisher and they do not speak for anyone else. I requested this kind of info from Alfred, Carl Fisher, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, Hal Leonard Corporation, Shawnee Press and Concordia Publishing House. Augsburg responded in June 2010 that they were working on a policy and would get back to me. None of the others responded.

I am a bit surprised at the requirement to take the video down after a year but I suppose one could ask for permission to leave it up for another year. Although I don’t particularly like the additional work of sending a program from the concert the piece was performed in, I believe it is a fair exchange.

The ultimate solution as I see it is for publishers to partner with YouTube as I believe ASCAP, BMI and SESAC have done so that when someone posts a video of a performance, they can choose to put an advertisement on it. If we would all include the necessary information for other directors to find and purchase the same score we used, it would be a boon to the publishing business and a service to each other.

edit 5/19/2011 See Choristers Guild Policy