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Need a Hit for Your Next Concert? June 20, 2012

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There are some songs that you just know will be a hit. Imagine this song with kids voices or even being sung by your community or college choir. I hope to cover it myself but I would love to see dozens of choirs spreading the news about this incredible song writer. I scour the pop charts and alternative music sources for songs that I think my kids will sound great on and that appeal to me. It is difficult to find music that is appropriate for children yet moving for adults. Craig Minowa of the band Cloud Cult writes song after song that fits the bill. I may use this blog for a series of posts about him as I prep for a more formal article on ChoralNet.

Warning: Have a box of Kleenex.

Transistor Radio by Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult

This is from the album Advice From the Happy Hippopotamus available on the band’s website or iTunes. As an album, their most recent release Light Chasers is more solid but every songs like that above plant a seed in your soul that makes everything else they perform beautiful. If you haven’t checked out Cloud Cult in the past, do your musical palette a favor and sample some.
Running With the Wolves
Unexplainable Stories This song opens the album Light Chasers. A related song There’s So Much Energy In Us closes it.
Everybody Here is a Cloud



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