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Bach’s Ershallet, Ihr Lieder as Festival Piece May 6, 2011

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This is a fine example of collaboration between high school and community choruses. This type of event can increase the audience for the community choir not only for the collaborative concert but by exposing our students and their families to the ensembles in our communities it can recruit the audiences for future events. This is a win-win scenario. Most high schools do not have the resources to hire an instrumental ensemble and we can not always count on our instrumental colleagues to create the needed specialized ensembles to perform works like these nor to give up their rehearsal time to help us out. It also leads to showing our young people the performance opportunities and ensembles that they can join as adults, not to mention increased ticket sales. Always remember to inform your high school students families of the cost of the tickets well in advance as they are usually much higher than what they are used to at our schools. You also may want to work out a special priced “Family Pass” for your student’s families, especially in economically depressed areas.

Erschallet, Ihr Lieder Ethos Consortium and Central Cabarrus High School Singers

From JakeCKrug YouTube channel

Title: Erschallet, Ihr Lieder (Chorus from larger work)
Composer: J.S.Bach
Director: Paul E. Oakley
Publisher: Baerenreiter Verlag (BA.TP1172) not sure this is the same edition
Ensemble: Ethos Consortium and the Central Cabarrus High School Singers



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