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“Theatre of Voices” Leaves Me Speechless April 18, 2011

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I ran into this ensemble on a Danish website that I couldn’t read. Chasing down video of them has been difficult but a lot of fun. They perform music from many historical periods and genres but their modern repertoire really has left me speechless. Unfortunately I have not yet found a good video but this interview with the choir and excerpts of a piece by Karlheinz Stockhausen using vocal overtones has left me wanting more. I do not know the name of the piece so please enlighten me if you do.

Edit 5/11/11: The song starts about 2:35 into the video. Thanks to Eyoki for identifying the piece. It is Stimmung. There are other recordings on YouTube if you care to search to hear the whole piece but none fit what I look for to post here. The tone color and unity of approach that this group took surpasses the other videos I could find where the choir is shown performing.

from biurofestiwalowe YouTube channel
Title: Stimmung
Composer: Karlheinz Stockhausen
Ensemble: Theatre of Voices
Director: Paul Hillier
Publisher: Universal Edition Paris Version Study Score UE14737
Universal Edition Study Score UE14805
Not sure which edition is featured in video



1. Eyoki - May 10, 2011

Is it “Stimmung”? The one they recorded?

2. joinchoir - May 10, 2011

Thank you so much. I think you nailed it.

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