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How To Post To YouTube Legally September 14, 2010

Posted by joinchoir in Uncategorized.

The last post establishes that I am probably safe from law suit for linking your videos to this site but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the original poster is safe. I personally don’t believe they would do more than take your video down but I am not giving legal advice. To legally post a video of copyrighted material to YouTube you need what is called a Synchronization license. Thanks to David Schneider of Harry Fox Agency (HFA) for clearing that up. He said that is the license required for an audiovisual production. For the piece I inquired about he sent me to the publisher (Sony ATV) whom he said owns the copyright. For the mechanical license to sell our cover on iTunes, HFA is the right place to go.

edit: the synch license part of this was wrong. Scroll up for better info. Also from what I can find on YouTube forums I believe YouTube has a license with BMI and ASCAP so if they cover the material you are using, you should be able to legally post choir videos to YouTube. If you are doing a work synchronized to an existing recording of any type or a work by a composer not covered by BMI or ASCAP then there is some question if you are legal.



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