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Safe To Post On YouTube September 12, 2010

Posted by joinchoir in Uncategorized.

Thanks to James Feiszli for posting a link on a ChoralNet forum about a June 2010 ruling about copyright infringement. The skinny is that Viacom sued Google (owner of YouTube) for having materials on their site that belonged to Viacom. It was decided that since Google took the material down when asked that they were not liable.

YouTube has also partnered recently with UMG and I believe Warner to use an electronic search tool to take down copyrighted materials or to place an ad as to where to download the real mp3 of the particular work. That saves us some work. I would love to have them place an ad on my videos telling people where they can download the copyright owner’s music. If I posted it that means I like that composer’s work and I want to encourage them to make more. If your videos are removed there are video tutorials people have put up to help get the video restored. It seems that most of the take downs are audio syncs where someone uses an actual recording of a piece to accompany their video. Bravo Google and YouTube. I think this is a reasonable solution that just needs some tweeking!!!

If YouTube is safe, then posting your links here should also be safe.



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