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Queries to Publishing Companies June 12, 2010

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A few people have commented that they fear the consequences of posting videos to this site. I will be sending an email like the one at the bottom of this post to many publishing companies and will keep you apprised of their responses or lack there of. I expect that most lack the human resources to concern themselves with something that will not harm them in any way. I do not anticipate many responses. Comment the name of a specific publisher you would like me to ask.

Alfred: sent 6/12/10 awaiting response
Carl Fisher: sent 6/12/10 awaiting response
J.W.Pepper: sent 6/12/10 responded: Not a Publisher
Augsburg Fortress Publishers: sent 6/12/10 responded to date: Thanks for the email. We are in the process of reviewing our practice regarding online posting such as you describe and I want you to know we have not forgotten your request. I expect to have some resolution to your question sometime in the next week or so. (6/17/10)
Hal Leonard Corporation: sent 6/12/10 awaiting response
Shawnee Press, Inc:sent 6/12/10 awaiting response
Concordia Publishing House: sent 6/12/10 awaiting response
Red Castle Publishing: Found this site on their own and commented:
Hi Jack
I like your plans. It is a little daunting to run around YouTube to find good choir selections. Your blog will be a great forum for all the wonderful choirs out there. I expect that you will get so many posts that it could turn into a substantial enterprise and a full blown website. Very exciting. When we have a chance, we will send along a few videos of choirs who have performed pieces by Donna Rhodenizer. For now, folks can go to our front page to see a few selections.
Thanks again for this great site.
Andy Duinker
Red Castle Publishing

I sent an email like this one:
Dear Publishing Company,
This is not a solicitation. I have started a blog that I feel could significantly increase sales of print materials and help choir directors learn valuable repertoire.
I created “Choir Director’s Brag Blog” https://choirbragblog.wordpress.com as a way to simplify the task of finding new repertoire. Thousands of videos are already posted to YouTube and other sites and directors regularly search these videos for ideas for programming upcoming concerts. Many people are afraid to post to the site because of potential copyright infringement.
I would like you to state your position on this issue for me to display on the blog. If you are opposed to the idea, I will do my best to keep from embedding any videos of pieces owned by your company. If you approve it would be mutually beneficial. There is no charge to anyone for using this site and if you change your position at a later time, I will gladly make the necessary changes.

Jack Senzig
Director, Gifford Children’s Choir



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