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Choir Directors Share With Us! June 5, 2010

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Big News: A major concert producer is looking for choirs around the US to sing with a Rock band you all know. Get your stuff posted here so he can see what you can do! More info when I have permission to share it!

Announcing the beginning of a place to display your choir videos.    As this is just getting started, comment below including your links to videos of your choirs.  Read the About page for rules.  I will not do any editting so only send me the videos you think show your best work. Lets share our best work and learn from each other. Help make the world a better place through singing. The first time you post a comment it will await moderation. This is to help reduce spam and to redirect people to the correct place. Email info will not be shared and does not show in the comments. For a while I may post links to choirs I like, like these:

The Gifford Children’s Choir Performing Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton;

The Gifford Children’s Choir Performing Three Riley Poems by Harvey Sollberger

The Gifford Caiman Chorus Performing “Old ManTime”



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